Tattoos for Husband and Wife: Tattoos for Couples

By | January 31, 2014

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Tattoos are a lovely way to express yourself and your devotion permanently. A tattoo shared between a husband and wife (or any couple) is a wonderful expression of commitment. Some may be frightened to have the others name written boldy upon their body due to superstitions and chances of separation, but below are some ideas that may be more suiting and just as loving.

1. Names written Chinese, Hebrew or Sanskirt.

By putting eachother’s name in different scripture allows for a more subtle form of expression. Yes, the name is still a name, but it is more of a secret between the two of you. It is even more wonderful to choose this option if you are of Jewish ancestry and you decide Hebrew is the way you would like to display one another’s name. Using your ancestry gives the tattoo a deeper meaning. Another option is to both choose a word in Sanskirt (or whichever you prefer) and have matching tattoos of that word. Such as, love, devotion, forever, always, etc.

2. Wedding ring tattoos.

This is a great way to show your commitment and permanency in your relationship. This is also a great option for someone who is uncomfortable wearing their wedding ring all the time. For instance, my husband is very uncomfortable wearing a ring and is distracted by it. He also finds that he cannot find a ring that is comfortable for him, or that fits correctly. In this case, a tattoo wedding band may be a good alternate to the real thing. Like the marriage, the ring is forever.

3. Split/Broken Heart.

Similar to popular “Best Friends” necklaces and “Mother- Daughter” necklaces, this tattoo option is for husband and wife. Each of you could have a half of a heart on a tattoo of a necklace, anklet, or bracelet (or the heart standing alone). On the inside of the heart you could put the word, “husband” on the wife and the word “wife” on the husband. An alternate to this would be to have each other’s names inside the heart. For the superstitious kind, this may be a good idea because the heart could be filled in if you separate in the future and then symbolize a broken heart.

4. Your marriage birth date.
It is common to see both mothers and fathers with tattoos of their children’s birth date. But for a husband and wife pair who would like to show the beginning of their marriage, a tattoo of the date of their wedding day would be quite meaningful. After all, it is the beginning of forever.

5. A literary tattoo.

I am a huge fan of literary tattoos. A literary tattoo is anything from poetry or literature that carries meaning for you. Perhaps, you could have a quote from a passage read at your wedding. Or you could choose a verse from a poem that you both find fitting to symbolize your love.

6. A quote from your wedding song.

My husband and I had our first dance to Van Morrison, “Into the Mystic.” For us, we could both have a tattoo of “into the mystic” in the same location. Wedding songs are often personal and symbolic of the relationship between husband and wife; and therefore, a perfect idea for a tattoo.

7. Matching tattoos for your children.

If you share children, having a matching tattoo devoted to them is a wonderful way to connect the two of you as husband and wife, as well as mother and father. Take a look at this article for mother and father tattoo options.

Any tattoo you choose to get with your significant other is personal and meaningful. Showing your love for one another in ink is permanent, just like your love.

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