Tattoos- Meaning Behind Location?

By | February 5, 2014

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Hey guys,

So I'm writing and paper and I just wanted to see if I could get a few more opinions on the topic.

Basically, I want to know the reasons (if there are any) why people decide on the particular location of their tattoo- whether they get one that is easily hidden, or one that is obvious for others to see. Why did you choose the spot on your body that you got your tattoo? Is the way tattoos are viewed in the professional world a factor? Do you think a negative stereotype still exists towards people with tattoos, or have views changed over time? Are you prejudged by strangers if they see your tattoo? For you, is the tattoo a work of art, a form of self expression, or a personal reminder of something that is important to you?

Thanks for your help!!

Thanks for your questions. I think the reasons why people decide on the particular location of their tattoo depends on each individual. I would never get a tattoo anywhere, myself.

I did not choose any spot on my body to get a tattoo, since I would never, ever, under any curcumstances, deface my body in violation of the command of the Lord: “Do not cut your bodies… or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD” Leviticus 19:28

In the professional world, tattoos are viewed as the practice of losers and undisciplined people, who would be unable to contribute in any meaningful way to a professional job,.

I think a negative stereotype still exists towards people with tattoos. Views are changing very slowly, mostly among the drinking, drugging crowd, who seem to be attracted to them. Also, people with mental illnesses and dysfunction are accepting of tattoos. “In 1999 The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry listed tattooing and 'excessive piercing' along with picking, burning, head-banging and cutting as forms of self-injury. In The Journal of Psychosomatic Research (2006, volume 6, issue 4), Adolescence (2002, volume 37, issue 147), The Journal of Adolescent Health (2005, volume 36, issue 4), Deviant Behavior (2009, volume 30, issue 6) and Pediatrics (2002, volume 109, issue 60), tattooing and body piercing are associated with dangerous and sometimes lethal risk-taking behavior, eating disorders, self-loathing, substance abuse, depression and social alienation.”

I am not prejudged by strangers about tattoos, since I have none. However, I do judge people with tattoos that I see. I can not help it, those hideous tattoo look so bad, they offend me just to see one, especially if it some degraded tattoo like a skull, dragon, weapon, etc.,

For me, a tattoo a not a work of art. That is just a public relations concept adopted by the tattoo industry. A tattoo is little better than a cartoon—you can’t get a good quality drawing on the human skin. Tattoos are an urban blight. They are ugly, like graffiti. Like graffiti, they lower the quality of the environment. Tattoos lower the quality of life, for everyone who has to see their ugliness.

Thanks for your questions. I hope my answers were of help.

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