Temporary Safety Tattoos for Children

By | February 13, 2014

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Summer will soon be here and with it children will be packing up and heading off to summer camp. I, myself, am preparing to send my daughter to summer camp in a couple of months and I am concerned because she has severe asthma. It is controlled but I want a way for people to know that she is asthmatic and to give her an inhaler if she cannot speak herself. I was searching online for a solution to this problem – such as ID bracelets, which she hates wearing because they are, in her words “dorky” – and found Eyedentity Label. These “labels” are temporary tattoos that can be customized with any information that you feel is important for the safety of your child. Children love temporary tattoos making these an ingenious way to protect your child while allowing them the fun of wearing a temporary tattoo.

I was curious about these tattoos and began to do some online research. I found that these temporary tattoos have been used for many purposes: to alert adults to allergies (such as peanut allergy and bee stings); for Alzheimer’s patients; for groups of children on field trips; children playing at parks; and, children on vacation. For instance, if you are taking a large group of children on a field trip, you may want to print the leader’s name and cell phone number on the tattoos, put one on the back of each child’s hand, in case a child is separated from the group. The tattoos are waterproof and last about seven days.

There are other retailers online with similar products. The Watchdogz temporary tattoos have an empty box that you can write a telephone number with a special pen provided so that adults know what number to call if the child is lost. These come in cool designs for both boys and girls so that they are appealing to wear. Safetytat also has write-on temporary tattoos for boys and girls as well as allergy safety tattoos. Tattoos can be ordered with either one or two blank lines for information.

My Precious Kid carries a variety of products that are useful and beneficial to parents in keeping their children safe. My Precious Kid offers three Lost & Found temporary tattoos: one for children who are lost; for children with autism; and, for children who have allergies. These temporary tattoos come with a pen to complete your information and towelettes for applying and removing the temporary tattoos.

If you simply want to fill in your telephone number, the temporary tattoos with blank lines are great. However, if you want a custom tattoo with other information, visit Eyedentity Label to view their products.

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