Temporary Tattoos: How to Have Fun for a Day

By | December 30, 2013

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Airbrush tattoos are a type of temporary tattoos that are chosen by people who don’t want to sit through the painful process of getting a real tattoo. They look like the real thing without being permanent.

There are various types of temporary tattoos like transfer stickers, henna, airbrush tattoo etc that you can choose from. Most people who are serious about getting a tattoo but don’t want to carry it around for ever choose the airbrush tattoo variety. Airbrush Tattoos are more sophisticated than transfer sticker or henna and offer almost all the features of a permanent tattoo.

Transfer stickers require you to place a sticker on your skin after peeling off the sticker on the back. You have to leave it on for a moment and when you take off the patch, you will have the tattoo. Airbrush tattoos are done in a manner similar to that of the permanent tattoo with the only difference being that the procedure is absolutely pain free.

The artist places a stencil on your skin and proceeds to transfer the tattoo ink within the outline of this stencil. The stencil will carry the pattern of your tattoo and can be chosen from their catalogue. They can also be custom made as per the customer’s design requirements. The ink is transferred by using an airbrush hence the name airbrush tattoo. And if a mistake is made or if you want a modification done, the artist can simply change the ink pattern and start over. Once the ink dries, the tattoo is done and the customer can walk out of the store sporting a brand new tattoo.

Airbrush Tattoos have become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts and most tattoo parlors and artists offer airbrush tattoo as part of their service. Some of the advantages that airbrush tattoos have over the traditional tattoos are.

  • Not permanent – The skin is not permanently inked. So, if you want to sport a tattoo for as a whim but don’t want your skin to be permanently marked, this is a good option for you.
  • Mistakes – Even if the artist makes a mistake, you don’t have to go to great lengths to correct it. All you have to do is wipe off the tattoo with baby oil and get it redone.
  • Painless – As already mentioned, this is one of the biggest advantages that airbrush tattoos have over permanent tattoos. There are many people out there who want to get a tattoo but are unwilling to bear with the pain. For such people, airbrush tattoos are a blessing.
  • Tattoos as a fashion accessory – You can change airbrush tattoos to suit a particular outfit or your mood. You can accessorize tattoos just like you do with ornaments.

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