Temporary Tattoos That Look Real

By | February 13, 2014

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Getting inked seems to be the new fad these days. Many people want to sport a tattoo to show their allegiance to someone they adore or something they believe in. But, the thought of ‘what-if-it-doesn’t-suit-me?’ makes many skeptic about the whole affair. Many give up on the idea of getting inked, while some determined souls decide to take a shot at it. However, ‘everything or nothing’ seems to be the thing of the past as tattoo fan-boys can flaunt their favorite designs by getting a temporary tattoo. These are a great alternative to the ‘real thing’, and don’t cause that dreaded pain that one experiences when going under the needle.

Henna Tattoos

The most commonly used method of getting these tattoos is by using henna. This is a natural paste made from henna leaves. The leaves are crushed into a powder and then made into a paste in order to use it as tattoo ink. The henna paste can be bought ready-made, over the counter, or you can even make it yourself. The tattoos made of henna ink, usually last on your skin for about ten days time, and give a reddish-brown color to the tattoo design. To make the henna paste yourself, you need to mix the henna powder with some lemon juice and some other essential oils.

Painted On Tattoos

This style require the help of a professional, or somebody who can draw well and has a good artistic sense. The tattoo is actually painted on your skin using a paint brush, thus giving you a great control over what the tattoo design should actually look like. The wide range of designs that are available to you under this method are as varied as the designs that you could get as an actual tattoo.

Airbrush Tattoos

This is possibly the easiest and the quickest way. All you need is a stencil of the design that you wish to have and an airbrush gun. Place the stencil on your skin and spray the paint from your airbrush to get the best results.

Real-looking Temporary Tattoos

A permanent tattoo means there is no looking back (unless you got a lot of dough to erase that off!), however, temporary tattoos amply serve their purpose. Having a permanent mark on your skin for the rest of your life is a big commitment. You need to be absolutely confident about the fact that you need to carry off the tattoo for the rest of your life. Temporary tattoos, on the other hand give you an idea of what a tattoo would actually look like. If you are satisfied with its appearance, maybe you can actually go and get a permanent tattoo. Or else, if you can’ stand it even for a moment, the good news is these are easy to remove. Their biggest advantage is that they look great and the many popular ink brands that are available in the market are absolutely safe to use.

Depending on what kind of designs you want, you can choose one of the many methods of applying them on your body. Some of these methods are very inexpensive and require little or no artistic ability, whereas some require help from a professional, who knows how to make tattoos look real and also require some expensive equipment.

The kind of design you choose will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. It would definitely help if you know what design you want to get temporarily tattooed on your body, before you go ahead and get it done. But that is not mandatory. Since this will be just temporary, it will fade away in a few days. You can pick a better design for yourself the next time. Temporary tattoos are a great alternative to real tattoos; there is less pain involved, it is not permanent and it is inexpensive. Keep this option in mind, the next time you are thinking about getting yourself permanently tattooed.

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