Temporary Tattoos Versus Permanent Tattoos

By | February 22, 2014

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Whilst a permanent tattoo may be your first choice precisely because it is much cooler and because it looks more authentic and hip, the area of temporary tattoos is not far lagging behind. Today a number of temporary tattoos carved out of a simple ballpoint pen bear a striking resemblance to the more elaborate and elegant looking permanent tattoo.


The quality of permanent style tattoos is much better. It lasts for a long period of time. On the other hand, many temporary tattoos are of an extremely poor quality which tends to leave marks on the skin after removal.

Temporary style tattoos fade away very easily in case of exposure to sun or to water. On the other hand, once a permanent tattoo is healed you can be sure it is going to last for a considerable period of time.

Temporary tattoos are cheaper to get and are usually made by using simple tools like a ballpoint pen, airbrush, stick-on tattoo or henna. Permanent tattoos, on the other hand are made by using modern sophisticated tattoo machines.

There is no age barrier to get a temporary one made. In case of a permanent one, you need to be of a certain age, fulfill a few formalities and only then you are allowed to get a tattoo made.

In the long run, if your interest in tattoos wears off, you simply have to discontinue the usage. Permanent tattoos make that nearly impossible. After a few months or years of getting a tattoo you may find yourself stuck and regret the choice you have made. Moreover, if and when the part of the skin where the tattoo is made loses its elasticity, it appears particularly bad and ugly.

Thus both temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos have a considerable number of upsides and downsides. You need to weigh your needs and desires and choose what suites you best.

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