Tennessee Based Plastic Surgery Center Introduces Tattoo Removal Procedure

By | February 8, 2014

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Brentwood, TN (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

The cosmetic doctors at NuBody Concepts in Tennessee are now offering tattoo removal services with their new TattZapper technology.

“We are excited to offer this new tattoo ink removal procedure. There are so many men and women who got tattoos early in life and now as they age, they want them removed for a variety of reasons including fading and stretching. Many people are seeking tattoo removal for purposes of their careers. They got their tattoos in their early 20’s and at the time thought it was a great idea, but now as an adult in their career they want the tattoo removed. We now can help them,” says Dr. Trey Emerson, Cosmetic doctor at NuBody Concepts in Brentwood and Memphis Tennessee.

The cosmetic procedure performed to remove tattoos involves a laser technology that actually uses three laser wavelengths targeted toward pigment lesions and all tattoo colors including greens and blues.

Dr. Emerson explains, “Many tattoo removal companies use dye-kits or laser-pumped-laser HPs. These methods for removing tattoos are not as effective. Often time, parts of the tattoo will remain or leave color that appears to change the skin pigmentation under the tattoo. With our new laser technology we can safely remove tattoos and also minimize scarring as well as provide maximum laser energy to the targeted area for effective treatments.”

NuBody Concepts’ new tattoo removal procedure is most effective because their cosmetic doctors are using a three laser wavelength system that provides great patient comfort, speed and efficiency.

“Black and red tattoo ink are surprisingly the easiest colors to remove in a tattoo. The most difficult colors to remove are blue, green and white. White tattoo ink can turn black after a less effective laser treatment than the one we offer at NuBody Concepts. Then it becomes a more permanent mark. We are so successful in removing the blue and green colors due to our multi-laser approach. Utilizing three different lasers enables our cosmetic doctors to successfully remove those more challenging colors,” adds Dr. Emerson.

Dr. Emerson states, “Adding tattoo ink removal to our line of body enhancing procedures enables us to reach a whole new segment of customers. Men and women who want to change their body contour, remove fat and get rid of lines and wrinkles, may also have a tattoo that they want removed. We are excited to offer this non-invasive ink removal procedure in both our NuBody Concepts offices.”

NuBody Concepts offers a variety of body contouring and skin tightening procedures for both men and women. The cosmetic doctors at NuBody Concepts offer skin rejuvenation and body contouring in both Brentwood Tennessee and Memphis Tennessee.

In addition to their newest tattoo ink removal procedure, the cosmetic doctors also offer procedures for fat removal, skin tightening and lifting. These procedures include: AquaLipo Liposuction, NaturalFill, ArteFill, DOT Therapy and WaveSculpt. Men and women throughout Tennessee rely on the cosmetic experts at NuBody Concepts to change the way they look and improve their thighs, stomach, breasts, buttocks, hands and face.

Several of their minimally invasive procedures offer little to no down time so patients can resume normal activity almost immediately after their body contouring procedure. For more information on their new laser tattoo ink removal or any of NuBody Concepts’ other body transforming procedures, consumers are encouraged to call their Brentwood Tennessee office at 615-866-2240 or their Memphis Tennessee office at 901-969-3700. Men and women are encouraged to learn more about NuBody Concepts on their website at http://www.nubodyconcepts.com.

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