The Best Free Virus Removal Tools

By | January 7, 2014

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Virus or malware authors are now using different strategies to spread their nasty software, but the most common distribution technique is by sending the malware in an email message, visiting a compromised website or downloading a fake or misleading program. Malware can damage the PC if the computer does not have the latest security updates that should prevent exploits to known but fixed security flaws in Windows. If there is no anti-virus protection or the real-time protection by anti-virus fails to protect the sytem, the PC will become slow or will display annoying pop-ups and fake notifications. Some malware will shutdown the anti-virus and firewall programs.

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The antivirus programs Avira AntiVir Personal, Avast! Home Edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Antivirus, Panda Cloud Antivirus, PC Tools Antivirus and ClamAV are free for personal and home use. Some antivirus program are effective in detecting malware but will fail to remove it. found out that no single antivirus program will remove a malware and its traces by 100%. If any malware has disabled your antivirus protection or it detects the malware but removal did not work, you can try the following free removal tools:

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