The Importance of Writing a Good Description for Your Own Tattoo Design Contest

By | January 10, 2014

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To make a success of your tattoo design contest, you will need to invest your time and energy in it and ensure that you make clear just what you want from your custom design tattoo. In the absence of a clear description, no tattoo designer will ever be able to figure out just what the objective of your contest is.

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Perhaps some of the artists who participate in your contest will submit poorly drawn designs that don’t represent your basic specifications, or perhaps some artists may refuse to participate in your contest because they don’t understand your description. They may not want to take the trouble to participate in a contest held by someone who cannot articulate his specifications clearly.

In a scenario like this, you will get many submissions from tattoo designers whose designs are very different from what you have in mind. By having a tattoo inked on your body, you are opting to have a permanent design which will be with you all your life, so you have to be sure you get what you want. If you provide a confusing description, or one that’s incomplete, you will get tattoo designs that don’t reflect what you have in mind and subsequently, something you don’t approve of could be inked on your body.

This shows the importance of your providing a lucid description of your design when you hold a tattoo design contest, or the contest will be irrelevant and a waste of time. Besides, without clear instructions, participant designers won’t know exactly what you want and they might have to put several questions to you, in the event that they actually bother to seek clarification. They might even set aside your contest in favor of another where the contest description is clear to everyone.

When you write a description, have a mental picture of the kind of tattoo you want and then describe it in words. Perhaps beginning the description is easy; you can continue to add a few details to your design, like wanting a fire-breathing dragon with its wings stretched out. You could add more details like the color of its eyes, a forked tail, the size of the tattoo, body part on which you want to have it inked, etc. In fact, the size of the tattoo is important because, based on it, your designer will know how much detail should be added to the design.

The more detailed your information, the better the design your designer can provide—one that can bring a smile to your face. If it is incomplete, uninformative or confusing to your participants, it won’t help anyone and you won’t get the results you expect from your tattoo design contest.

If you don’t spend enough time planning your contest instructions, there’s little point in starting one at all. First, write out your description and then step back and look at it objectively. Now, ask yourself: Is my description clear? Is it easily understandable? Does it reflect just what I have in mind? After all, your written description is the basis on which your tattoo designer will work. So, ensure it’s clear, complete and concise before you post it on your site.

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