The Lion That Makes Noise

By | June 27, 2013

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by Khalid Mayes
(St. Helena south carolina)

The story on my lion tattoo is that I felt like a lion on the football field or any sport I was in…

I was a beast I had people scared of me on the field and I’m not scared of anything.

But when I got the tattoo the lion didn’t look powerful like I wanted hell he really didn’t even look much like a lion too me.

I didn’t even want to take of my shirt I was embarrassed of this tattoo.

Now I don’t know what to do with it I want add something to it that is like royal powerful stands out something that will makes me feel like when I step foot on the field peoples will know what’s up.

I will really appreciate it if you guy can help; I need all the help… Thank you.

Pierre Reply:

Hi Khalid,

I believed that you have a great piece that just need small touch-up and may be some tribal bold line around for the looks you are looking for.

Look for my e-mail with my suggestions.

Be proud of your tattoo.

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