The Sexiest Tattoos For Girls and Locations to Get a Theme Tattooed on Your Body

By | January 3, 2014

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Have you been wondering what is going to be hot in the world of tattoo designs this year? Every year it seems like the trends and what is popular in the world of tattoos changes. This year it is no different and the sexiest and best tattoos for girls are quickly becoming clear. Yes even though it is early in 2010 you can already see the major trends of what is going to be hot this year and even into next year. This article will look at the top locations and the hottest tattoo design trends.

Locations For Hot Female Tattoo Designs

Of course you can always get a tattoo on any part of the body you want. The list below just gives some of the most popular places to get inked on the female body. If you already have somewhere in mind then great but if you are still trying to think of the location for your tattoo design then by all means read what is below and take the ideas into consideration and see what works best for you and the tattoo you want.

Hip Tattoos – This is one of the newest and most sexy areas for female tattoo designs. It used to be the lower back tattoo was the sexy location but this has changed and now one of the new even hotter places to get a design in on the hip. They are easy to hide when needed in a professional setting but a great pair of hip hugger jeans will also reveal at least the top if not all of these great tattoos.

Upper Back – The upper back tattoo is the new answer to the lower back tramp stamp. Yes the lower back has been overdone and over played at this point but have no fear the upper back tattoo is just as sexy if not more so and works well for larger designs. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities for hot tattoo designs.

Half Sleeve – Sleeve tattoos be them full sleeve, half sleeve or even quarter sleeves were once the domain of men’s tattoos. However, no more women are going bolder with their tattoos and designs as well as the locations on their bodies. More and more women are getting sleeve tattoos these days and they are sexy.

Side Tattoos For Girls – Side tattoos are also another very hot trend in tattoo designs for women. These typically start down low around the waist area and then come up on the side. These can go up into the rib cage area. Just keep in mind the higher on the ribs you go the more painful the tattoo will be but often these are such great designs that it will be worth the pain.

Hot Designs And Styles For Girls

Floral – Of course these are pretty self explanatory but flower tattoos are the perfect match to fit beautifully with the female body. The curves of the vines and the color of the flower blossom works perfectly together to create beautiful feminine design. Keep in mind the symbolism behind different flowers can play an important role in the design of these tattoos.

Japanese Koi – Japanese koi fish tattoos are quickly becoming a very hot item for women to get. They represent power and strength. The beauty of the color with the blue water and the gold and yellow scales on the fish make for a very brilliant colorful tattoo design that works great on the female body be it a side tattoo or a half sleeve design.

Cherry Blossom – Also a traditional Japanese tattoo design these are quickly becoming very popular. The cherry blossom is delicate, beautiful and lives a short brilliant and bright life and then fall tragically on the snow to die. The symbolism here is to live life to the fullest to be bold and beautiful and live each day to it’s fullest. This is a great reminder for all of us and how everyone should live their lives.

Angels – Angels and fairies have always been popular with women as well as butterflies. There is just something magical and special about wings and the colors and meaning behind such designs work well for women. The flowing lines of wings and the feminine shapes of the fairies or angels create a beautiful looking design.

These are some of the most popular locations and design ideas in tattoos for girls right now. Of course maybe none of them will work for you if you already have a design in mind. However, they are provided here to keep you up to date with what is currently popular and hot. That does not mean run out and get one of these tattoo designs just because you think they are popular. However, they can provide ideas and guide you to find your own unique tattoo design. Maybe one of the locations is something you have been considering or possibly one of the designs is something you want you can now add your own twist to it.

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