The Story of Butterfly Tattoo

By | February 20, 2014

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The origin of tattoo all started thousands of decades ago, it is formed as excellent improvements on the human’s skin. Tattoos come in countless types, and are usually as varied as the people who have used them from different parts of the world. Tattoos have evolved quite a bit. They have been used as curing technique, as representations of existence, state, energy, magic, or rituals; as complete body covering, and commonly today; tattoos are widely-used to express yourself with body artwork and styles. They can be very emblematic, distinctive, and original.

Probably the most common tattoo designs used anywhere in the globe is the Butterfly. Butterflies are flying insects that come in colored wings and in varying sizes. Unfortunately, they are known to be one of the creatures who have little lifespan. Tribal butterfly tattoo design is one of the most common choices by women as it symbolizes femininity, beauty, and ideologically- change. Why change? It is because butterflies undergo different life cycles. They experience a mysterious metamorphosis, transforming them from a small and simple caterpillar into a beautiful and radiant butterfly. Moreover, butterflies are also believed to be living symbols of human souls.

Though some people think butterflies are almost always associated with women, it doesn’t completely restrict itself in the feminine world. In history, Agustus, a Roman Emperor; made the butterfly as his symbol and it was used as motif on the breastplates of some warriors.

In the society of tattoo and tattooing; butterflies happen to be just about the most frequent designs selected by individuals. It exhibits symmetry, longevity, and it can be constructed in numerous hues and designs. Individuals can get very imaginative and creative after they decide on this kind of layout. Additionally, it can be designed into any portion of the body. Butterfly tattoos can be individualized in accordance with each individual’s preferences.

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