The Top Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

By | February 7, 2014

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There are several excellent tattoo and body piercing shops and studios located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These establishments regularly produce all types of tattoos and body piercing services, in clean and sanitary environments. These top tattoo and body piercing shops and studios offer many existing designs, or flash and they also provide all types of custom – design tattooing. Rates are competitive at these businesses and the tattoo artists are very talented. Presented here, is an article which offers brief profiles of the top tattoo and body piercing shops and studios located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jester’s Court Tattoos & More..338 Butler Street..(412) 784-TAT2..1410 East Carson Street..(412) 488-TATS..115 Oakland Avenue..(412) 621-2412
With three locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jester’s Court is indeed one (or three) of the top tattoo shops in the local area. All styles of tattooing are performed here, with high – quality work being the norm. All three Jester’s Court locations are clean and sanitary and the atmospheres are friendly and relaxed.

Whether it be a tribal piece, portrait, fantasy character, black & grey, animal, sleeve – work, flash design or any type of custom tattoo, the talented artists at these Pittsburgh tattoo shops always do great work. For top – rate piercing work, Hot Rod Body Piercing is located right above the Oakland Avenue location.

Inka – Dinka – Doo..5240 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA..(412) 683-4320
While this cleverly – named business always provides top – of – the – line tattoo work, it is also known for its extremely clean and sanitary studio and the concientous, friendly service that is always offered. The tattoos produced at this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shop are consistently of high quality and feature incredible detail work, aesthetically – pleasing colors and very good lettering. Plenty of existing designs and all types of custom work are available at Inka – Dinka – Doo, where prices are very competitive.

AA Flying Monkey Tattoo..1303 East Carson Street,, Pittsburgh, PA..(412) 904-2165
Another creatively – named business, A Flying Monkey Tattoos is a very popular shop that consistently offers reasonably – priced tattoos and body piercing services. The atmosphere here is nice and comfortable and the shop is clean and sanitary. A large selection of existing designs are available and all types of custom tattooing is also performed at this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tattoo studio. The highly – talented artists at A Flying Monkey Tattoos are quite friendly and excel at all types of tattooing, including sleeve work, tribal, portraits, animals and birds, fantasy pieces, black & grey and much more.

Tattoo Jonny’s Studio..5566 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA..(412) 714-8437
Tattoo Jonny’s Studio is a very popular tattoo studio that sets itself apart from all of the other local studios in several ways. This establishment bills itself as an “upscale tattoo and piercing studio”, which in many ways, really is true, This studio is one of the cleanest and most sanitary tattoo facilities located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The atmosphere here is very comfortable and the staff members are friendly and helpful. Although this business maintains a clean and professional environment, it is still a tattoo studio. The tattoos that are produced at Tattoo Jonny’s Studio are always experrtly – done and competitively – priced.

All types of tattoos are done at this Pittsburgh studio, with many existing designs available and all types of custom tattooing is also performed here. Dynamic colors, excellent black & grey work, lettering and shading are offered here, as are top – notch piercing services. Appointments are preferred at this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tattoo studio, but walk – ins are welcome.

Pinnacle Tattoo..3277 West Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA..(412) 531-5319
Open Tuesdy through Saturday, Pinnacle Tattoo is known far and wide for consistently producing top – quality tattoos in a clean relaxed and friendly environment. All types of tattooing is offered here, with lots of existing designs and all types of custom work available. The colors used at this top Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tattoo studio are first – rate and the detail, lettering and shading work performed here is very good. Appointments are preferred at Pinnacle Tattoo and Autoclave sterilization is offered.

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