The Top Word Tattoos For Best Friends

By | January 12, 2014

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Word tattoos for you and your best friend can be a great idea. However, before you get a tattoo with your friend there are some very important things to consider. We will cover those here. Also you will learn the top word tattoos for best friends.

If you and a close friend are thinking of getting a tattoo together there are a few things you must consider beforehand.

First, as hard as this may sound to do, keep in mind when selecting your tattoo that the relationship may not last forever. If that happens, you probably don’t want a tattoo that reminds you of that person every time you look at it for the rest of your life. So when you select, choose carefully. Pick a tattoo that works well on its own as well as with your friend.

Keep in mind that any word tattoo you choose needs to be short like these offered here. There aren’t many places on the body where lengthy words tattoos work.

Also it is a good idea to find a tattoo artist that specializes in doing tattoo words. That is a lot different than drawing pictures. You want the letters to be done very clear so as you age they do not easily run together and become hard to read.

In the past many people were selecting picture tattoos for best friends, but word tattoos are become very popular today. Here are the top word tattoos for best friends.

Friendship is one mind in two bodies

With a true friend you know each other so well that even though you have two separate bodies you do many things as one. For instance you may think alike, have the same desires or similar feelings. As well, you may not even need to speak words to communicate your thoughts.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but a true friend will leave footprints in your heart

As we go through life we will have many acquaintances and friends. But you will only have one true friend that pierces your soul and touches your heart. That is someone that leaves a very favorable impression and changes your life forever.

Side by side or miles apart best friends are always together if only by heart

Situations happen in life where friends get separated because of jobs or family or circumstances. Most friendships will eventually fall apart. But if the friendship is strong enough it will survive and friends will remain close even though the distance separates them.

A true friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have

It is not easy, even lucky some may say, to be fortunate enough to have a really true friend. If you have a friend like this cherish the relationship and never takes it for granted, because it is rare.

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