The Tramp Stamp Stigma: The Myth about Women with Lower Back Tattoos

By | January 13, 2014

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The “Tramp Stamp” a derogatory name for a tattoo which a woman has on her lower back. These tattoos where commonly popular among women born in the 70’s and 80’s. A women baring this type of tattoo was commonly labeled as tramps, whores, or anything else dealing with being promiscuous behavior.

Studies done by the American Psychological Association and various other researchers have shown a strong correlation of information associating tattoos with wild behavior. Maybe it’s the times or the fact of research not being done on college students as many women now carry these so called “Tramp Stamps”.

Believed to have started with early Indian tribes when a male would place his “branding mark” aka “tattoo” on his partners back to discourage other males. It was placed in area that would be seen during sexual acts.

“Small minded people” think that the larger the tattoo on a woman’s back means that she is looser or more promiscuous. Many men thinking that if a woman has this sort of tattoo that it insures he will have a good time.

During earlier times before the lower back tattoo a tramp stamp was also the derogatory term for a hickie that was placed on a girl’s body during a promiscuous act. As the times change so does the meaning of this derogatory term. By the year 2050 some joke and say the tramp stamp will be called the “gramp stamp”.

This tattoo will always be regarded as a tattoo dealing with a sexual nature because of its area. It curves with women’s curves following the lower spine across the base of the lower back. Some women have gotten this tattoo because of the feeling of sexiness as other’s have just done it out of wanting body art in an area they can cover if they wish too. Because of the nature of lower rising clothing like low ride jeans and hip huggers jeans these tattoos are more and more noticeable and there for since they can be seen and are regarded in a derogatory way girls are getting reputations that are not rightfully earned but given because of a stigma of a lower back tattoo. If a women was properly covered and her tattoo not showing a women would not get the derogatory terming of loose.

The next time you view a girl with a “tramp stamp” instead of automatically thinking she is loose because of the place she choose to place her body art try getting to know her you may find out you as the male my end up with a cold bed at night because the loose good time you thought was a sure thing took her “tramp stamp” to her own bed.

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