The Wall Street Journal is right – men’s swim shorts aren’t just for swimming these days, agree

By | January 2, 2014

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(PRWEB UK) 31 July 2013

Deadgoodundies founder Adam Davies welcomes the latest Wall Street Journal report on men’s swimwear – which states that men should be looking for more tailored shapes for swimming, but also consider the right look on dry land too.

Men’s swimwear designers – and their customers – are said to be moving away from the ‘colourful skirt’ effect created by cheerfully printed knee-length surf shorts in favour of shorter, neater swim shorts and smart swim briefs.

The WSJ spoke to American designers, but Adam says the trend is international, if UK-based sales are anything to go by.

“Our customers tend to be body conscious males, aware of fashion trends even if they don’t follow them slavishly, but they all look for that crucial combination of practicality and style in their beachwear,” Adam reports. “One vital clue to the right choice is bearing in mind what your swimmers will look like wet as well as dry!”

Deadgoodundies’ sales of swimwear and underwear for men have shot up considerably since the start of the heat wave which hit the UK a month ago.

“Men’s swimwear sales are very different this year. We noted very early demand from the start of January, at least a month ahead of the usual rush for beachwear. Swimmers have been selling really well throughout July, which is officially the ‘end’ of the UK swimwear season, when many retailers run out of seasonal stock or take it off the rails. But Deadgoodundies sells swimwear all year, balancing seasonal fashion collections with repeatable designs that are always in stock.”

Asked about style trends on DGU, he concludes: “We’ve never been able to sell really long shorts, but smartly tailored mid-thigh and short shorts have had their share. But as with men’s underwear, our most popular cuts are more minimal – close fitting shorts, trunks and swim briefs, even swim thongs for maximum tanning.”

He advises men looking for the right swimwear to forget the idea that maximum coverage is best. A good shape to complement a man’s physique, a great colour or print and wearing the right size are crucial. “You definitely don’t want your waistline or the crown jewels unattractively squeezed!” he says.

“Swimmers and divers will favour briefs with a lined front or shorts with an inner support brief so everything is kept in place, and a drawstring which will stop swimwear suddenly going south at an inopportune moment.”

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