Tiny Hawaiian Turtle

By | February 15, 2014

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by Gina
(San Diego)

Hi Pierre,

My name is Gina – I love your tattoo website. Here is my story:

Around the age of 22 I had reached rock bottom.

I’d finally kicked out my boyfriend who was psychologically and practically physically violent.

I had been surviving on the floor of my parents’ place, and had absolutely nothing (none of this as a result of drugs or anything, simply a dumb choice for a boyfriend).

I had a tiny tattoo on my belly which he made. I chose to cover it with a gorgeous, larger tattoo.
I adore the water and the peace it provides.

After approximately two sittings later and not too much pain, I got wonderful flowers on my body, and began to get back my own personality.

During very terrible times, I’m able to take a look at my tattoo to see something gorgeous which could not be taken from me. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction and determination to have my life back again.

The shark was the second tattoo.

I needed to return to school and had an opportunity to study in Hawaii.

Once I returned, I met a great artist named Mark who created the shark to represent my journey from the shark land – I had achieved something terrific!

The eye on my hand was third – just after I managed to graduate with my Bs in history.

I wanted a significant tattoo to remind myself of my accomplishment.

I studied Egyptian body art and its particular influence on present day life.

I integrated a sea turtle near my flower tattoo on my belly after I got my very first (pink) pickup truck.

PS. You can use my picture for your web site.

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