Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos of 2008

By | February 3, 2014

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The worst celebrity tattoos of 2008 are as follows:

Bam Margera

He has his crazy Uncle Vito tattooed on his calf. Bam was named #14 worst celebrity tattoo for 2008 by where they said “We’re not sure what’s creepier: the bizarro tat of his Uncle Vito that Bam had done on his calf, or the fact that Vito was convicted of sexual assault on a child.”

Nick Carter Can’t Spell Chaos

Nick has a vertical tattoo down his back which is supposed to say Chaos but instead says Kaos. How hard is it to look at a dictionary before making a tat permanent?

Steve-O from “Jackass” and “Wildboys”

Steve-O may be a great comedic goof ball, but his tattoos are not so great. His worst tattoo choice is actually a gigantic self-portrait on his back that has made many top worst celeb tattoo lists.

Pink’s Barcode Tat

Not only is it an ugly tattoo slapped on the back of her neck, but it also is an actual barcode that reads “$1.98 bargain bin special” – (Asylum). Pretty trashy for a cool girl!

Amy Winehouse

She has a gross tattoo of a old short pocket above her left breast with her husband’s name on it. YUCK! Do you think he can read his name all the way from jail. She was given #16 worst celebrity tattoo from and she this award in this case.

Lil’ Wayne Tears Up

Lil’ Wayne’s tear drop tattoos are not only hideous but they are also very controversial. Tear drop tats are known to be gang related and in that case stand for each murder that person has committed, however tear tattoos can also be non-gang related and signify a death of a loved one. Either way, these tats are pretty ugly.

Fred Durst

Fred has two head shot tattoos on the left of his chest, one of Elvis Presley and the other of Kurt Cobain. Both of these are poorly done tats and both make one wonder, What was he thinking?

Michael Symon’s Got Pork

This famous chef has a “Got Pork?” tattoo on his chest.

Angelina Jolie

This woman is easily the most gorgeous person in the world but some of her tattoos are pretty ugly. They take away from her beauty rather than adding to it. The rambling words on her left arm is by far the worst.

Rihanna’s Seeing Stars

She recently added on to her star tattoo on her neck. It began as one star tattoo on her neck and then just kept growing. She now has a trail of stars going down her back. She definitely took this one way too far!

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