Top Key West Fantasy Fest Body Painting Spots

By | February 3, 2014

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Key West Fantasy Fest body painting is a beloved tradition of Fantasy Fest. Fantasy Fest is an annual festival that occurs this year from October 23 to November 1 in Key West, Florida. The ten day festival includes lots of diverse activity, including Key West Fantasy Fest body painting. Normally, October is a slow time for Key West, but Fantasy Fest ensures that the local economy stays financially consistent until the holiday season begins. Halloween is the most popular day of Fantasy Fest.

What is Key West Fantasy Fest body painting? This is a time for visitors of Key West, including natives, to get their body parts painted with non-toxic paint that washes off in the shower. There are Key West Fantasy Fest body painting contests that those with the best artwork love to enter.

Women are the most popular candidates for Key West Fantasy Fest body painting, although lots of men get it done too. Many women get their upper bodies painted. For example, a popular paint job is a bikini top. Those who want their nipples covered first have pasties put over their nipples before the paint job begins. Some go for an entire body paint job. For example, some women have the artist paint lingerie outfits on their bodies complete with garter belts and hose. The more extensive the paint job, the more expensive the cost. Walking around with body paint requires bravery, because you are essentially nude, either from the waist up, waist down or all over. It all depends on the paint job.

To win a Key West Fantasy Fest body painting contest, you’ll want to get the most impressive body painting job. Here are some top spots for body painting in Key West.

Key West Fantasy Fest body painting – Body Painting by Tioti

Tioti’s place is one of the best in Key West. The designs are beautiful and original and the body paint is natural and comes off with warm water. Tioti is an award winning body painter, and you will find many of Tioti’s designs on the bodies of people walking around during Fantasy Fest.

Key West Fantasy Fest body painting – Hair Wraps of Key West

This is a business that offers many different services, including body painting. Hair Wraps of Key West offers originality with lots of humor. Prices are not listed on the site; therefore contact the owner for price details.

Key West Fantasy Fest body painting – Fantasy Fest Body Painting by Joe Carter

Joe Carter body paints by way of airbrushing and has been doing it for 25 years. He is the originator of the nude airbrush body painting style and can boast that he painted the first nude woman at Woodstock.

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