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By | January 5, 2014

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I have two tattoos on me, which I have gone to two separate places for each. This is my review to those places! Hope this is helpful to future tattoo lovers 🙂

First off,

Ocean Mystique’s Ink Gallery

(757) 625-4658

2100 Monticello Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517

Ocean Mystique prices are very overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong their designs and artists are unbelievably talented but if you looking for just a cute little butterfly, don’t go here. They will charge you way too much for a tiny symbol. I would suggest this place to anyone who wants a sleeve or some crazy design in a hard-to-do spot. Their customer service is awesome, as well. Just be careful about what they offer you for your buck!


Fuzion Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

(757) 226-9840

729 Granby St, Norfolk, VA.

I recently got my back tattoo here. The setting is really nice, they have a fountain in the front of their shop and the people are respectful from the moment you walk in. Their prices are reasonable. It all depends on where it is on your body, how complicated the font is, or how much color is involved. I loved my artist that did mine, they all have portfolio’s available so you can choose who you want. They are amazing and make you feel comfortable while they are drawing your tattoo.

Overall, wherever you go for a tattoo they’re ups and downs for all shops. These two are the one’s that I have heard about and have received tattoos from. Don’t forget to think extra long about your tattoos and where and who you want to do it. It will be there for life.

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