Tramp Stamp Tattoos

By | January 12, 2014

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Tramp stamp tattoos are tattoos that are located on the lower back; to be precise, these tattoos are inked on a spot that is just above the buttocks. They are mostly worn by women, but today we also see men sporting these stamps proudly on their lower back. Here are some popular designs for tramp stamp tattoos. The final outcome of any design depends on how well the tattoo artist inks it on your skin.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are free-spirited creatures. Hence, the women who have butterflies inked on their lower backs are considered as free-spirited. Butterflies are beautiful, delicate, and they can be drawn in different ways. They can be plain and simple, and still look fabulous.

Heart TattoosHeart-shaped tattoos are very popular amongst women. The daintiness and femininity of these designs are loved by women worldwide. These tattoos are a sign of love, compassion, and adoration. Heart tattoos look fabulous in all colors, styles, and sizes.

Flower TattoosFlower tattoos are adorned by women as well as men. Flowers symbolize death, love, peace, hate, respect, celebration, remembrance, and many more other things. Flower designs can be very delicate and intricate, and look absolutely stunning.

Tribal TattoosTribal tattoos designs can be the best choice for a tramp stamp if you are a guy. Men can also go for bolder designs like tribal bands and animals. Whereas, women can opt for designs like tribal rose, tribal butterfly, etc. to name a few.

Celtic TattoosCeltic tattoos are among the most difficult tattoo designs. They need a great deal of skill, patience, and time. They are proudly sported by both men and women. Usually people from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales ink Celtic tattoos on their skin as these designs are a part of their heritage and history.

Om Sign Tattoos

The ‘Om’ is also becoming a fast growing trend, where lumbar tattoos are concerned. Men and women all over the world are wearing this sign of spirituality on their lower back and making it a fashion statement.

Besides these tattoo designs, there are a few other designs like quotes in different fonts, animals, good luck charms, zodiac signs, stars, dragons, skulls, wings, etc. which also look very stylish.

Origin of Tramp StampsIt was believed that, earlier amongst the Indian tribes, men marked their women with a tattoo just above their buttocks as a sign of ownership, thus branding them so that no other man touches “their goods”. The place above the buttocks on the lower back was chosen, as the branding or the ink can be seen during sexual acts.

Another origin of the name ‘tramp stamp’ can be traced back to ancient Rome. It was believed that in 220 AD, there was a Roman general by the name of Tramponi Stampezius, who was in charge of moral, recreation, and welfare of the ancient city of Gaul. He had a group of female followers who, on his request, had gotten tattoos on their lower backs. These tattoos were called Tramponi Stampezius; later on, this name was shortened to ‘tramp stamp’. Another reason why these tattoos are called so is because, probably the women who wore them were a bit promiscuous by nature.

The tramp stamp tattoos are known by different names in different parts of the world. In Australia, they are known as ‘arse antlers’; in England, they are called ‘slag stamps’, ‘slag tats’, ‘slag tag’, etc. In some countries, people just call them ‘lumbar tattoos’, ‘license plates’, ‘stripper hieroglyphs’, ‘butt crack shields’, and many more derogatory terms.

Some people believe that tattoos in general are a stigma and one should not indulge in body art. According to them, the women who tattoo themselves on the lower part of their back are promiscuous by nature, and indulge in deviant sexual acts. However, that was a long time ago, now no tattoos are regarded as ‘bad’.

Tattoos are a very popular art form and are permanent. Therefore, before you get a tattoo done on you, you should research the meaning of the design, see what it means to you and then only go ahead with it.

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