TRIA Hair Removal Laser Product Review

By | January 15, 2014

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TRIA is a unique gadget because it uses the same diode laser technology as professionals use. The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is easy to use and basically painless. The laser is designed to get to the hair follicles and over time disables them. This means permanent hair removal.

Using the TRIA

There are specific instructions for using the TRIA, and I highly suggest following them to the letter. Once you start using the TRIA, you are not supposed to wax, pluck, or use any epilator as they will affect the follicles. Instead, once you’re on the TRIA you should rely on shaving only, between treatments.

To get started, after charging the unit you need to shave the area you are going to treat. Make sure it is clean and dry before starting with the laser. Then test the laser on your skin. The directions are easy to follow and some skin types are not recommended for the TRIA, but this is all explained in the accompanying literature.

Once you have tested the laser on your skin, the fun begins. There are five settings and it is advised to use the highest setting you can stand. For me, I went straight for the highest. The higher the setting, the faster the hair will die.

Because the laser is small, it takes a long time to tackle any specific area. The directions show exactly how to position the unit on your skin and how to overlap the laser to assure you are covering the entire region. Once the button is pressed, TRIA sends out a laser which you will probably feel. The feeling is one of heat and sometimes a slight pinch. It’s nothing most people cannot tolerate, and if it is too much for you, then put the unit on a lower setting.

TRIA can be used every two weeks, with results varying on the individuals. Personally, I saw – and felt – results immediately. But most people will probably not see any difference for a month or two.

Testing and Results

To test the product I targeted one leg. I used the TRIA on my left leg and did nothing other than shave my right leg. We all know that shaving doesn’t pull the hair out by the root so it grows back immediately, and stubbly. In a couple days I noticed my left leg was still very smooth and the right leg had stubble. To be honest, I was leery of this product in the beginning, but this was a good test of the TRIA. I was going to use the unit only on my left leg for a couple months, but after feeling the difference I decided to go for the whole shebang and use it on both legs, as well as other areas. After all, why wait?

I have noticed, after a month, that there is some difference in hair re-growth. I realize it will take several months for the hair to permanently disappear. Don’t think of this as an instant solution to hair removal. It does take time.

The drawback for me is the fact that I can only shave the areas I want to target. I am used to waxing so shaving is for me like going back to the Stone Age. Let’s face it, stubble is not appealing. But in order for the TRIA to work, the hair follicles must not be messed with, either by wax or epilating. The only other complaint I have is that the battery does not last long enough to do both legs. Just remember, if you are using it on a larger region, it is time consuming so don’t expect to treat a large area in a few minutes.

Who Should Not Use the TRIA and Other Warnings

The TRIA Laser should not be used on medium brown or dark skin (African-American, Native American, East Indian or Pacific Islander). There is a chart in the instruction book to let you know if your skin color is safe for this unit. Also, the TRIA does not work on lighter hair – blond, white, red, or gray. People under 18 should not use the laser.

The TRIA should not be used around the eyes, eyebrows, or eyelashes, face, genetals or nipples. Do not use the laser on dark spots or tattoos, freckles, or moles. The company also states in the instructions not to use the TRIA on damaged skin, sunburned skin, open wounds or on pregnant or breast-feeding women. Because the laser is supposed to permanently remove hair, do not use it on any location you might want your hair to grow. All of the dos and don’ts are outlined completely in the instruction manual.


Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, but with the stipulation that it does require time and dedication. People who are extremely sensitive might not feel comfortable with the unit.

The TRIA is priced at $395, so that could be a factor for some people. But when you consider how much waxings are, the TRIA pays for itself in a few months. And, although I have not used it for the required time to get permanent results (about six months), I can say that I have seen some results in a short amount of time. I wish I had started using this product last winter so during shorts and swimsuit season I would have the expected results. However it’s not too late to get started and still have results by the end of summer and beginning of fall.

For more information about the TRIA, go to their website.

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