Tribal Band Tattoos

By | February 9, 2014

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Tribal band tattoos make a great piece of art and can add touch to different parts of your body. Band tattoos are usually carved on upper arms, while sometimes these are also sculpted on areas above the ankle, around the neck or around the wrist. These tattoos are very versatile in nature and you can easily hide them or show off as per your wish. Before knowing more about these tattoos, let us take a look at some information on tribal tattoos.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are undoubtedly the most popular tattoo designs these days. These tattoos with their dark colors and aggressive patterns make splendid body arts for both men and women. These designs are symmetrical with aggressive patterned lines that have toothed edges. They are usually sculpted in dark and bold colors like black and blue. Tribal tattoos are unique in nature and the designs do not depict any specific object. These designs are simply curvy artistic piece of arts.

Tribal tattoos do not belong to any specific culture and have basically originated from different tribes all over the world. Hawaiian tribal tattoos, Polynesian tribal tattoos, tribal Aztec tattoos, Chinese tribal tattoos, etc., are some of the tattoos that fall under tribal tattoo designs. Now, let us move on to know the meanings of tribal band tattoos.

Tribal Band Tattoo Meanings

There is no specific tribal tattoo meaning, and it is believed that tribal people had these tattoos on their bodies to signify the social or religious status among the tribes. Moreover, it is also said that since there were so many different tribes, a tattoo could help to identify a member belonging to a particular tribe. Some say that having a tribal tattoo helped an individual to join the same tribe after re-birth. While some believed that these tattoos had some magical powers that were transferred to the tattoo bearer. Say, if an individual had a dragon tattoo, then it was believed that the tattoo bearer possessed the powers of a dragon. These days these meanings are no more significant and tribal tattoos are considered as mere beautiful piece of art.

Tribal Band Tattoo Placement

Band tattoos are nothing but tattoos that wrap certain part of the body and give a look of a bracelet or a necklace. As mentioned earlier, band tattoos, usually refer to armband tattoo designs that are carved on the upper arms. But these can also be carved to wrap the leg area above the ankles. Some people also get these tattoos around the fingers of the hand. Tattoos for men are large in size and look great on well built biceps, while the ones for women are usually small and have delicate designs. A tribal band tattoo that wraps around the waist line looks very sensuous on women.

Tribal Band Tattoo Designs

When you are planning to have a tribal band tattoo, you have various design options and you can choose the one that has appealed you the most. You can choose a Hawaiian band tattoo or a Celtic band tattoo. If you want to go for more unique design, then you can get one with your name in the middle and a continuous chain like pattern around it. You can also get your name carved above the band tattoo. Tribal zodiac tattoos are always in vogue and you can also go for this type of tattoos. Tattoos with names are also immensely popular. Get your zodiac symbol carved in the center and an appropriate band design carved around it.

So, these were some design and placement suggestions on tribal band tattoos. Try to make a good search of all the possible designs and choose the best tattoo placement. Tribal tattoo requires an expert at tattooing, so make sure you have approached the right tattoo artist. Happy Tattooing!

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