Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs

By | July 17, 2013

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Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs
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Tribal dragon tattoo designs have long since been a kind of self expression.


Since centuries, men and women members of the tribes in the past have used it in an effort to communicate to other people their experiences, their triumphs as well as their downfalls.

For them, the marking on their told a tale, a story concerning living as well as popping out victorious.

They’ve made their body as a canevas for these types of artsy sketches and writings.

In the present times, tribal dragon tattoo are also used as self-expression.

Folks select tribal dragon tattoo designs they would like to characterize what they feel or what they are interested in.

Many people pick sketches or graphic tattoos, while others choose writing tattoos from letters or symbols in a different dialect simply to be more exotic.

There are numerous distinct dragon tattoo designs to pick from.

You will find gothic designs, medieval tattoo designs, angel tattoos, sport tattoos, etc.

There are all kinds to pick from.

All you’ve got to do is to research on the internet for the patterns which blow you away and read about what they mean and just what should be the greatest design for you personally.

One of the most popular among the tribal tattoo is the dragon tattoo designs.

These types of design are generally selected by people with powerful personalities.

Tribal dragon tattoo designs are usually influenced by the cultures of both Chinese and Japanese roots.

This was not simply one or two centuries ago which North western civilization has a real enchantment in Asian tattoo designs.

Based on the Asian culture, the dragon represents the four elements that are fire, wind, water and earth, and concurrently also represents the fourdirections, north, south, east and west.

A dragon is viewed as a beast with mystical powers and wisdom beyond time.

But most of the time, it is regarded as a creature of bad temper. It’s simply amoral, not picking between good and bad.

Besides the Japanese and Chinese tribal dragon tattoo designs, there are also dragon tattoos of Europe. tribal-dragon-tattoo-designs26

The European tribal dragon tattoo designs represent ethereality like the fairies and wood nymphs of lore.

Tribal dragon tattoos however, present a much bolder and a more powerful side to tattoo designs.

Dragon tattoo designs exist in different sizes and types.


It could either just be the word “dragon” in Japanese or Chinese heroes, the head of a dragon, or the entire dragon.

For most of us, a dragon represents rebirth, the cycle of life and death. It simply illustrates the balance of nature; what it creates, it also ruins.

Dragons are considered very spiritual creatures. It is certainly a creature of tremendous intelligence and empathy.

Tribal dragon tattoo designs often mean life or health, but mainly, it is thought of as something that reveals power and longevity. Thus, it’s recognized that dragons are actually immortal creatures and also provide power on the land.


Whatever pattern you select, make sure that it shows your personality and who you really are.

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