Tribal Skull Tattoos

By | January 4, 2014

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Tattooing is an age-old custom that has been practiced by indigenous people for centuries. The practice of tattooing has been associated with many different things ranging from clan markings to rituals, rank or status. For the members of many primitive tribes, tattoos were a means to identify the members of their clan. Tribesmen believed that tattoos had religious or spiritual connotations. They believed that totemic animal tattoos could provide protection from the enemies and ward off evil spirits. Tattoos were also seen as symbols of good luck.

Over the years, body art has evolved. Nowadays, tattoos are seen as a work of art and for many people, the purpose of getting a tattoo is to make a fashion statement. Tattoo artists often incorporate tribal art patterns, ancient religious symbols or primitive totemic symbols in order to create artistic tribal tattoo designs. These designs are inspired from the tattoos donned by people belonging to the Maori, Polynesian, Samoan, Marquesan or Borneo tribes. If you like intricate patterns with thick black strokes or swirls, tribal tattoos are perfect for you. Moreover, the design possibilities are endless.

Many people are lured into getting such tattoos because of their exquisite and intricate designs. If you have an inclination towards notions such as life and death, you may love the idea of donning a tribal skull tattoo. Moreover, this tattoo also has a deeper meaning. Scroll down to learn about the symbolism of this tattoo.

Symbolism of Skull Tattoos

The skull is a symbolic reminder of the fact that we are mortal beings and death will come to everyone. This should help one understand the importance of life. This tattoo should therefore remind one to not fear death and live one’s life to the fullest. The skull does have religious or spiritual connotations. Death can also be perceived as a transformation or the biggest change in life. It may represent rebirth. In Mexico, The Day of the Dead is celebrated to reminisce those who have passed away. A sugar skull, which is a white chocolate that is shaped like a skull, is placed on the altars or the tomb to honor the spirit. These days, sugar skull tattoos have also become quite popular. The skull may be a symbol of power. It may represent one’s desire to overcome the fear of death or confront one’s fears. Though these tattoos are very popular among bikers or gang members, these can be sported by those who wish to exhibit their wild side. It may be used to symbolize masculinity.

As mentioned earlier, tribal tattoo art involves the use of thick strokes that look like flames or swirls. The curves, bold strokes and sharp points involved in these types of tattoos would certainly require a steady hand. You can get this tattoo anywhere on your body, but it looks great on the bicep, forearm, shoulder or back. The skull and crossbones tattoo is one of the common designs. You can also tell the tattoo artist to make a tattoo of a skull with a banner on the skull that carries your name. You can try a lot of variations.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs

You can also include other design elements such as flames. Flames can be drawn around the skull. You can also use colors within the thick outlines. Thick, dark-colored strokes entwined around the skull look great. You could add horns to the skull or show a snake rolled around the skull. If you don’t want your skull tattoo to look very scary, you could combine it with a flower tattoo.

Other Skull Tattoo Designs

If you want something elaborate, you could get the grim reaper skeleton skull tattoo. Another interesting idea would be to get a tattoo of a skull with flames all around it. You can also draw two swords below the skull. A lot can be done to make this tattoo look scary. You can darken the eye sockets. While the dark, solid strokes are the characteristic design element of tribal tattoos, you can also incorporate other elements in the tattoo. You can also get a tattoo of a skull with wings.

Just like any art form, tattooing is all about creativity. You have to let your imagination soar to know what you exactly want in a tattoo. So, let the tattoo artist know what you have in mind. An experienced tattoo artist will certainly be able to create the tattoo design of your liking.

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