Tribal Tattoo Armband Designs – Still The #1 Favorite

By | February 7, 2014

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It’s no surprise that tribal tattoo armband designs are the favorite of both men and women and have been the number one choice for nearly 20 years.

Although there is no clear explanation as to why tribal tattoo armband designs have dramatically increased in popularity, there is speculation that the designs speak to a desire to return to simplicity.  Regardless, original and traditional tribal tattoo armband designs are in high demand and are powerful statements of individuality.
Tribal tattoo armband designs are drawn from the imagination and are sometimes inspired by old pictures or photographs from earlier cultures.  They are formed by lines, shapes, and curves joined to create an attractive abstract design.  Normally, the are highly visible.
Traditionally, men are more likely to wear tribal tattoo armband designs closer to the bicep or shoulder are putting emphasis on  the muscle.  Women typically select less bold tribal tattoo armband designs and will sometimes place the tattoo lower on the arm.   

However…keep in mind that tattoos are an art form and expression of your individuality.  Everything to do with your tattoo is ultimately your personal choice.
Tribal tattoo armband designs are commonly black but don’t be surprised to see bright or multicolored tattoos.  Color is also your own personal choice.
Where to Find Tattoo Designs
Online design galleries have become the favorite way to shop for tattoo art.  Several reputable sites offer thousands of traditional or original designs.  Most can be customized to maximize your own creativity.  
When “visiting” an online gallery, there’s no pressure.  No time constraints.  You are free to browse until you find a design you will love forever…

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