Tribal tattooed shorts?

By | February 1, 2014

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I am considering a large tribal tattoo. Similar to a pair of permanent “shorts” I have been thinking of this for some time and am just working out the design. I've pretty well drawn up the design, mainly contrasting triangle patterns and large blocks of black with negative images, kind of art deco-ish. It'll be from waist to upper knees, all images bold.. Is there a specific meaning to this type of tattoo? I would like to keep it strickly a work of art and not a particular tribal affliation, though it will have a few polyneasian influences.

If your anti ink please don't reply, all other opionions are welcome.

i am not anti-ink but i am definitely anti tribal if the person getting the tribal tattoo does not belong to any tribe or does not have an ancestry rooted in a tribe with a tradition of tattoos.

i don't look at tribal tattoos as being artful just for the purpose of being artful. i think they have special meaning to the tribes who use them but it's just somewhat ridiculous when someone gets it just because. obviously this is something you have thought a lot about and it's something you have your mind set on so good luck in your tattoo adventure.

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