Tribal Tattoos – Dragon, Cross and Butterfly Tribal Tattoo Designs

By | February 1, 2014

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Many years ago, the tribal tattoos were used to identify members of a certain clan or group. Back then, it was possible to identify distant relatives because of the tats. The ancient people also believed in the afterlife and they claim that through the body arts, the souls can find their tribe. At present, the military, gangs, and fraternal orders have also designed their own tats to identify their sisters or brothers. The significant symbols seem to the act as bonding tool as well as identification.

In the Asian cultures, the tats represent the accomplishment history of the individual. Secret societies also make use of body inks to describe the ranks of members and at times, it serves as a requirement for inclusion. A lot people now have tribal tattoos and that includes men and women.

One third of the searches online on body arts are about tribal tats. The designs can vary, so if you’re searching for an ideal design, you will need to choose among the aboriginal designs, traditional, and the latest tribal designs. The ancient cultures believed that tattooing has 3 factors – pain, permanence or eternalness, and blood loss. They believed that a relationship with magical powers, god, and vision quest is established.

With the dawn of civilization, tats lost their popularity but in the 1990s, their popularity has resumed until today. There are many websites that you can find that offer free printable designs. Find the ideal designs and print them out. Oftentimes, if you stick with the printable designs, there is a high chance that you will see such design in another individual. Among the popular designs that you can find today are cross, dragon, and butterfly but there are still many others if you simply do your homework.

Find a local tat artist that can help you in picking the right tribal tattoos. As mentioned earlier, the tats are going to be permanent so you need to pick the right design that will bring out your personality. Decide on the body part where you want the tat to be like the arm, legs, back, or chest. A reputed body artist can aid you in making an informed decision. This is your chance to be one with your ancestors, that is, if you believe in them. For a quality tat service, you will only pay a reasonable price… what are you waiting for? Start your hunt for the perfect tribal tat.

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