Tribal Tattoos for Women

By | February 9, 2014

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Tribal tattoos signifies the diversity of cultures among people all across the globe. Tribal tattoos have their unique style and are popular among those women who wish to make their own style statement and want to stand out in the crowd. There are numerous forms of tribal tattoos for women. The most popular among them are sun, moon, stars, claws and some of the self-explanatory tribal tattoos. Some of the ancient tribal tattoos designs and modern designs both are available in tribal tattoos.

Features of Tribal Tattoos

Basically, tribal tattoos are those tattoos that have specific significance of a particular tribe. They mark their status, heritage, bravery, spiritual devotion, protection, pledge of love and so on. Tribal tattoos consist of thick black lines and sharp finishes. The patterns look swirling, as the shapes and lines of the tattoos are interconnected. All these help the tribal tattoos to make a powerful style statement. Traditionally, tribal tattoos are mostly made of various shades of black. To make it look colorful and feminine other colors are used in tribal tattoos these days.

Tribal tattoos can look fantastic on any part of your body. They can be used for adorning your neck, legs, ankles, chest, wrist, back, arm and so on. It is the small tribal tattoos that look good in areas like neck or wrist. Tribal arm tattoos for women look wonderful as they look like tribal arm bands. To give a feminine touch to those tattoos make sure the design should be kept thin. You have so many choices, when it comes to designs of lower back tribal tattoos, that you may get confused.

Though tribal tattoos consist of dark and deep lines, to make them look a bit girly, you can make the same design light with thin lines and decorative sparkles. Those tribal tattoo designs with bold patterns can be made more feminine with the help of some adjustments. This can be done by decreasing the size of the tattoo or using an extra bit of shading on the tattoo to give it a softer look.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

You can give a personalized touch to the designs by including your initials into the design. Tribal cross tattoos have symmetrical shape and look spectacular. It can be further accentuated by adding flowers and fairies to it. Images like tribal flower, heart drawn using tribal art and butterfly, are also liked by many women. Butterfly tattoos are often considered as a classic form of tribal tattoos. This is because many women identify themselves with a butterfly. The butterfly undergoes a transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful creature. Similarly, a woman has the ability to change herself from a simple girl to an attractive woman. Animal tattoos like shark are also a woman’s choice which represents the vibrancy and energy of a woman. If you feel you can carry off a masculine tribal tattoo, you should go for a tribal skull. It has a dramatic effect and looks very different. You should select a tribal tattoo design that can reflect your own personality. Designs of tribal tattoos are very complex and hence require a lot of creative skills to make them properly. Hence, if you are opting to have any tribal tattoos, go to an experienced tattoo artist.

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