Unwanted Tattoos – Cover Up Or Removal

By | January 9, 2014

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Unfortunately, people of a spontaneous nature have a tendency to get tattoos without analyzing their tattoo design choice beforehand. This is most likely to happen with younger people who believe their tastes and passions will not change with age. Those of us who have gone through that phase and have matured to make better decisions in our life, know that you cannot talk some people out of their tendency to be spontaneous.

One of the most common tattoo mistakes is getting the name of a significant other tattooed on your body. No matter how often this choice of design is discouraged by friends, family, and most tattoo artists, people continue to insist that their relationship is special and will last forever. Time will usually pan out that the advice given should have been followed.

Another common reason for cover up or tattoo removal is to hide a badly done tattoo. Not all artists are created equal. Young underage teens may even have a “scratcher” amongst them. A scratcher is an amateur tattoo artist that either has thrown together a makeshift inferior machine and who likely lacks the artistic ability and skills to create a decent tattoo.

The third reason of the top 3 for wanting to remove some body art is individuals who decide on a career change that will negatively impact their chances of landing a job in that line of work. This also goes back to the common train of thought common for young people that they’ll be working as a waitress or other menial job the rest of their life. Somewhere along the line it is common for young adults to go back to school because they finally find themselves and are ready to pursue a career that better suits their strengths. Often times, this new career line they are pursuing do not favor highly visible tattoos. Many of the degree required, higher paying occupations have strict guidelines for dress code and the image they want their employees to portray.

If you happen to be in the category of wanting to eradicate the tattoo because of poor workmanship or to erase the name of a failed relationship, consider a cover up. If you still love body art and like the placement, meet with an artist known for his cover up work. It is an area of tattooing that some artists are more adept at than others. It requires improvisational artistic skills to create an attractive design that adequately camouflages the old tattoo but also pleases the tastes of the client.

If a career change requires a clean slate and removal of a visible tattoo, consider the combination of using tattoo removal creams with laser tattoo removal. The two methods are often used together successfully to remove unwanted tattoos. The tattoo removal creams fade the tattoo and the laser finishes the job by removing the displaced ink.

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