UV substance to Modify Plastic fan blade?

By | February 2, 2014

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I am trying to makefind a UV Pink 140mm Case fan for a computer build, and more or less decided on these fans; httpwww.newegg.caProductProduct.aspxItem=N82E16835146023


Now I am looking to modify them and using a invisible pink UV ink (may be red if it is true red UV, not orange), and need to dye the entire surface evenly as to not upset the aerodynamics or balance of the fans.

So brushing on something wouldn't be advisable, I was thinking soaking, or spraying on something would be the best if it would adhere to the surface permanently, or if it were powerful enough one of the UV markers perhaps I'm looking for the most powerful effect I can get on the clear substrate. And plan to use a mixture of replacing the fans LED's with UV ones, and also aiming UV LED's and UV cathodes near all fans to create a Even spinning glowing disc.

I just don't know what would be best to use to accomplish this.

What I've figured out so far of the options;

There is

Invisible UV paint httpwww.amazon.comInvisible-Reactive-Household-Clothing-EraserdpB002OEPJFG

(reviews are pretty terrible, and the main site doesn't even sell a number of the colors now including pink.)


(looks alot more solid description says dries solid, looks like would need to look into a cheap airbrushing set for some of these options though which may be a good idea)

Invisible UV Ink


(I know literally nothing about this product theres several other colours avaliable no reviews anywhere on the web of starlight or what kinda ink this is


(Looks better but again no reviews of what kinda ink and if it would stay on plastic surfaces)

Invisible UV Tattoo ink



(Have a feeling Both of these are visible inks I Know little about UV tattoo inks, how much they can dye something or anything like that)

Invisible UV Nail polish


(again know very little but I do know that nail polish applies very well and is very durable and very thin)

So between alot of those sure theres more nail polish options – or might even be able to airbrush certain nail polishes (probably not gel), what would be the most durable, and give the most consistent coat, and be the Best method to coat the fan blades, submerge, airbrush, etc

Whats important


Consistency (even coating)


Because you're new (relatively) your links are not appearing properly. You have to get up to a certain level or number of points, or answer 20 questions, something like that.

Markers might work if you can get them to stick to the plastic. Ordinary Magic Markers would work, but the Magic Marker brand fluorescent ones are highlighters, and may use a different solvent.

When I type *pink fluorescent spray paint* into Google Images and Google Shopping I get lots of hits.

So the last question is: can you spray-paint a computer fan without wrecking the delicate balance? For this, I typed *spray paint computer fan blades* into regular Google, and got lots of hits that look pretty positive. There's even a YouTube video that shows how to do it. (See below.)

By the way, I think what you are doing is a great idea.

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