Various Body Tattoos

By | December 13, 2013

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by Zita



My first ever tattoo – husband’s name.

Not as painful as I thought it was going to be – REALLY gave me the bug 🙂 went on to have a couple on my hands, a large phoenix on the inside of my left arm, daughter’s name in Japanese kanji on the inside of my right arm, Japanese kanji for tiger (with tiger face inside) on top of my left arm, and the latest one is a wolf on my left shoulder – now that one was painful.

I go to Rogsy’s on Hope Street, Stoke-on-Trent now and I’ve got another couple planned, one is a cover-up of a dragon that was done by ‘someone else’ and the other will be on my right shoulder.

At the moment I have 8, but like I said, more are planned.

Pierre Reply:

You have nice tattoos I like very much the phoenix.

The phoenix of Egyptian mythology talks about a historical bird which cry has been so soulful and gorgeous that could intrigue people in a strictly magical means.

The bird is supposed of having resided in the desert for five centuries just before it will consume on its own inside an open fire.

And then, from its own personal ashes, it will born-again to live a life for one other five centuries!

Since it travelled through the cloudy skies, it leave a path of fire, thus warning just about all to its existence.

Regarding no matter the motive which hides behind it, the phoenix has turned into a symbolic representation that the majority of decided actually “speaks” on their behalf.

A Phoenix tattoo layout looks simply just awesome, since it is some of those pieces of fine art which can be sketched a great number of diverse ways.

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