Victoria Beckham Tattoos

By | August 17, 2013

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Victoria Beckham tattoos means a lot so the world can read it, and she kept Top Ten Celebrity Tattoos.


The couple of superstars that happen to be leading the buzz connected with Hebrew tattoo designs are actually David Beckham and Victoria that definitely have harmonizing Hebrew tattoo designs of this passage “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me who feeds among the lilies”.

For the period of Victoria climb to popularity together with 90’s pop music group the Spice Girls, Victoria had been known as Posh Spice, her moniker being called by a UK popular music publication.

Since the group adopted individual ways, Victoria has splashed on favorite songs, rating four United Kingdom Top Ten songs being a solo performer.

Victoria very first song to be launched, “Out of Your Mind”, achieved rank two within the United Kingdom singles song chart and it was her greatest rank until this date.

Victoria Beckham has seven or eight tattoo designs as of this moment and also being as much as the woman’s Posh moniker Victoria seems to have kept all of them stylish if that tends to come up with any sense. Her earliest tattoo design is actually a five stars layout on the lower back.

These five stars stand for, their three sons, Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz David and her.

The next tattoo design is starting at the neck and is going down on the spine. David and she got these kinds of reciprocal tattoo designs for one if their particular marriage anniversary.

Traditional old Hebrew can be extremely indirect in its bristling lusty terms.

Another tattoo design which Victoria Beckham possesses is actually “MAY 08 1997” within roman numbers inked on the wrist.

Curiously this is actually the very first time that Victoria and David get laid so Victoria thought it has be one of the terrific occasions in her own existence to be kept in mind.


The next design of Victoria Beckham tattoos has got is incredibly self descriptive it is the two letters DB on the wrist that is a symbol of her life partner David Beckham. An additional of her that design is situated on the wrist below the roman numbers.

But unfortunately, nobody is actually figuring out what exactly are states. Lots of folks are betting that its states “De Integra or De Enegra”.

The very last and also most recent (I assume) is one other Hebrew term that means ‘together forever, eternally’ and is also found just below the particular DB tattoo design on Victoria left wrist, victoria beckham tattoos!

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