Wearing A Funny Tshirt!

By | June 25, 2014

#1tshirtWith summer here and school over (at least for the next few months), now is the prime time for parties, BBQs, and hanging out by the pool.

Everyone is putting together their best summer outfits and making sure they are on top of every hot fashion trend for the season.

But what happens if you have no idea what you should wear? Should you be the one sporting the simple white v-neck tee, or should you go for the gusto, and pull out an eye-catching, witty tee that will have everyone talking to you (maybe even that special someone).

No matter where you are on the fashion scene, a funny tee is always in (even Barney’s and Saks Fifth carry shirts with quick one-liners). The witty tshirt has come a long way since the 70s and 80s, when only nerds sported their sense of humor front and center.

Even supermodels have been seen wearing tshirts that read “don’t feed the models,” proving that everyone has a sense of humor.

A witty tee is the easiest way to break the ice anywhere and a fun way to show off your unique personality. Are you a chemistry lover? Why not wear a tee with the Periodic Table on it or the molecular structure of coffee? Or maybe you’re more of a Monty Python fanatic, so you want to wear a shirt that only a true fan would recognize (coconuts and swallows, perhaps).

Whatever you choose, a witty tee is something that goes perfect with jeans, shorts, a swimsuit, pretty much anything. Some funny tshirts may even express something about your personality, like ‘my worst fear is “_____”’ or ‘I don’t like cats.’ Just make sure it’s something that’s true to you and wear that tee with pride!