What are the best home laser hair removal products on the market?

By | January 7, 2014

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I'm currently looking into buying a Rio Salon Laser LAHR hair removal set which retails for approx ~ $120 online – this only removes one hair at a time but appears to be effective for most people. Are there any other similar *laser* products in this price range that offer multiple-hair removal capabilities? If you speak from personal experience, it's all the better! Thanks!

Okay, if i were you i wouldn't even think of LaserHairRemoval! As I watched on TV on Tyra, This girl had a laser hair removal on her stomach and it just burned . And then this other girl was just going to remove her facial hair, it burned her skin too! Now they are left with scars for the rest of their lives!

Try waxing, or deplitory.

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