What are the proper procedures to take for aftercare for a tattoo?

By | January 22, 2014

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After getting a tattoo, I don't have one, just curious of about how to go upon taking care of it after the actual tattoo is done (As I am looking into one). Thanks for the help, also will the tattoo parlor you go to explain the proper pre cautions?

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Your tattooer should give you an aftercare sheet and explain how they recommend caring for your new tattoo.

I personally will wash it when I shower (just soap suds and no wash cloth), apply Lubriderm lotion (dye-free and fragrance-free), and leave it the fuck alone. If I have a spot that isn't healing happy, I'll use some antibiotic cream (never ointment). And I'll use hydrocortisone cream when it gets to the itchy phase.

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