What are your favourite and least favourite tattoos?

By | January 16, 2014

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Celebrity tattoos or friends tattoos (not stupid tattoos though e.g.Penises cause clearly they are bad) Include pictures is necessary 🙂

OK, firstly I HATE the following:

immature tv /film related tattoos, harry potter / twilight / barney the dinosaur whatever, if you old enough for a tattoo, your too old for that rubbish.

Kanji and any other language the wearer doesn't at least have a working knowledge of

Script/ quote tattoos – people look like they have been attacked by a printing press, it is so common it has become as tacky as barbed wire and fake tribal.

People who have a few tiny tattoos just for the sake of having a tattoo, and flash it at everyone, (I am very tattooed and do not care to flash my ink at anyone unless I know them well, and they ask)

anything racist


Tattoos with meaning and history.

Well executed images of nature, animals plants trees, nature spirits and symbolism

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