What Does My Tattoo Mean

By | June 21, 2015

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Dictionary entry overview: What does tattoo mean? • TATTOO (noun) The noun TATTOO has 3 senses: 1. a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

Best Answer: The tattos are a gay symbol. i have a tattoo of stars on my hip kinda in a half circle.. i think its just cute. I have an idea, why not ask him? If it doesn't bother you, and he's obviously out, just ask.

What Do Your Tattoos Mean? posted August 18, 2012 / 1 Comment. Tweet. BODY ART 4 I remember back when I got my first visible tattoo, What does this guy want? He looks me up and down and focuses on my right arm, the spikes.

“So what does it mean?” The question that every person with a tattoo hears, time and time again. I was recently asked this in the middle of gospel choir rehearsal.

What a rebel!

Firstly, a tattoo can mean whatever a person wants it to mean. Well…. I got my Anchor Tattoo yesterday and l am gonna love it. For me an Anchor is something that helps, saves and rescue others. It is a symbol of hope and strength

Leads to being asked what my tattoos mean at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME: A lady friend and I make it back to my place, her place, whichever, and we’re in the bedroom about If people asked me what my tattoo said, I’d gladly tell them. They don’t need to physically touch a

Best Answer: From wiki; A tattoo of three dots in a triangle, usually found between the thumb and forefinger, or the bottom corners of the eyes, stands for "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"), or the three major connections of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Along with the pachuco

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What does your tattoo mean? Yohan says: Just that does it mean something?, what? My Tattoo is the kanji simbol for death 8:05PM, 21 June 2005 PST ← prev 1 2 next → (1 to 100 of 111 replies)

DID YOU KNOW? Marlon Brando hated memorizing lines so much that he posted cue cards everywhere to help him get through scenes. He even asked for lines to be written on an actress's posterior.

Best Answer: Breeders give there rabbits tattoos to help identify them on the show table. When a rabbit places the judge reads his tattoo and then the mark down the good things about the rabbit on a little card. Tattooing pretty much is when you put a permanent mark in the rabbits ear

Body Location of Our Dream Tattoos. If our dream tattoo is on a part of the body that is often hidden by clothes, then we may have a secret that we are too shy or fearful to confess.

Just wondering if anyone in the COTH brain trust has any info about what a dog tattoo could mean. I have a senior Boxer that I got from a rescue several years ago.

What a rebel!

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Katie McGowan to compete in reality show. by Heather Steadham Not long ago, while drinking an amaretto sour at South on Main, I was asked by a colleague, "Can I see your tattoo?" It's on my right ankle. "Sure," I said, a tad embarrassed about the dark mass of star-like shapes there, initially constructed to cover up a fairy on a moon (terrible, in both concept and execution). "It's not done yet

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