What Is A Digital Tattoo

By | May 26, 2015

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WHAT'S on your mind? For £79, anyone can buy a headset that reads the electrical activity of their brain. It's called an electroencephalogram, or EEG, and you can use it to control devices with the power of your mind.

"A phone should be as unique as you are — not only in the design of your device, but how you use it. Last year at the All Things D 'D11' conference, Regina Dugan talked about new digital tattoo technology that would make it easier to unlock your phone.

Digital Tattoo™ – Endless World of Creativity : Download PDF. Lumivisions’ Digital Tattoo™ Architectural Glass and Resin Panels Provide Endless Opportunities for Creative Design – Thinking ‘Outside the Box

What is your digital tattoo? In short, it's your online identity – the bits and data that form who you are online. The goal of this online learning tool is to share resources that encourage you to think about your online presence, to navigate the issues involved in forming and re-forming a

Digital Tattoo. 125 likes. What's your Digital Tattoo? Check out digitaltattoo.ubc.ca to find out about creating a genuine and safe online identity!

Digital Tattoo

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This technique is written for Photoshop CS6, but can easily be accomplished in prior versions. I recently picked up a copy of the Michael Jordan biography, Driven from Within, and on p. 11 there is a striking photo of a tattooed palm that immediately grabbed my attention.

What if Andy Warhol had it wrong, and instead of being famous for 15 minutes, we’re only anonymous for that long? In this short talk, Juan Enriquez looks at the surprisingly permanent effects of digital sharing on our personal privacy. He shares insight from the ancient Greeks to help us deal

The basis of the 2×4-inch "Digital Tattoo Interface" is a Bluetooth device made of thin, flexible silicon and silicone. It´s inserted through a small incision as a tightly rolled tube, and then it unfurls beneath the skin to align between skin and muscle.

User Bio. Audio visual project which designs sounds and images for the live act. Virtual stage scene for theater, dancers, architectonic structures, puppets or any object may be brought to the life with the anima (soul) of digital tattoo.

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Meter Digital Power Supply Economic Tattoo Clip Cord 3 Prong Power Cord 2 Prong Power Cord Our Price: $3.00 . Black Red Dual Machine Power Supply Our Price: $32.00 . 2 Prong Power Cord Black Dual Machine Power Supply Red Dual Machine Power Supply Silver Dual Machine Power Supply Our Price

The Hildbrandt Afterlife Digital Tattoo Dual Machine Power Supply is capable of running two tattoo machines, one shader and one liner. This advanced power supply can adjust between 6 different shader and liner settings.

Digital Tattoo Equipment . Categories of Equipment Used for Permanent Cosmetics There are few laws in Idaho that set any standards for permanent makeup or medical tattooing.

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