What is a Suntan Tattoo?

By | January 2, 2014

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People are always looking for new and interesting ways to change their look. Many people look towards tattoos, but tattoo designs are permanent, so those that are simply looking for a new and interesting way to alter their appearance would be stuck with any change they decide to make.

Yet there is a new, odd solution for those that want to make art on their skin without necessarily permanently altering how they look: Suntan tattoos.

Intro to Suntan Tattooing

Like the name implies, suntan tattoos are created using the natural tanning process. People have been doing a variation of suntan tattoos for years with stickers. By placing a sticker on your skin, tanning in a booth, then removing the sticker, you create an area of skin that is a different color than the rest of your skin tone in the shape of whatever sticker you chose.

Suntan tattoos take it to the next level. Skin “artists” have taken old shirts and completely cut out designs that interest them. Then they go into the tanning booth with the shirts on. The exposed skin starts to tan while the skin covered by the shirt remains the same color. By the time they are done, their bodies have a new, intricate design that will last for a few months as it slowly starts to fade. Then they can choose to create another design instead.

Are Suntan Tattoos Safe?

Tanning is never safe for your skin. Suntan tattoos are not recommended, and arguably more dangerous than regular tattoos. The same tanning risks still apply, and long term suntan tattooing can damage the tanned skin and cause it to look awkward as you age. Still, they are certainly a unique addition to the tattoo design world, and one of the first non-henna ways to create a long lasting tattoo on your skin without requiring any permanent changes to your body.


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