What is the best permanent hair removal product on market today?

By | February 17, 2014

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Tired of shaving and waxing again and again? It is actually a common problem faced by men and women across the world. Although, people usually know of permanent hair removal products, they usually refrain from investing in or trusting them.

Ironically, they don’t understand that these methods can not only save money in the long-run but also time and energy. Imagine the man-hours you will save having not to shave daily. Wouldn’t it be nice not to visit salon every week? Sounds just too perfect? Well, we have a list of three options that can actually make this happen over the time.

Hair Removal Lasers

These wonderful devices were domesticated several years ago but there are some safety issues with inferior quality designs, which keep people away from most of such products. While one cannot actually make the concerns vanish away, you should really have a look at the features of some high-end devices.

Both IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technologies are FDA approved and quite efficient in inhibiting growth for long-term. Silk’n Flash and Go is one of the options or facial and bodily use. Such devices save you from the irritation and burns or shaving or waxing. They do not damage skin in anyway and are safe to use.

Now the issue is that you cannot actually put the money on any product on the market. We would rather suggest you to go with the quality designs such as Silk’n Flash and Go. Obviously, that needn’t be your choice but just read about the features and look for something similar. It would be better if the design is quite handy too.

Inhibitor Sprays

When you are not in much of a hurry or want to go about the problem gradually, inhibitor sprays would be the best bid. These are actually topical solutions to bed sprayed directly on the desired part of the body. It is believed that such sprays penetrate into hair follicle and retard growth using natural or organic ingredients.

However, you should know that not all permanent hair removal products of this kind are made with light ingredients. In fact, some of them use so aggressive ones that your skin might develop redness and rashes.

We would recommend you to go with something which also moisturizes the skin and leaves no kind of disgusting odour. Ultra Hair Away is though to be one of such option but we are yet to review it so it’s a bit difficult to say about it anything at the moment.

If you are planning to go for a spray, please understand that it may take several months for complete benefits. On the other hand, the spray bottles cost much lesser than other methods.

Removal Creams

Before you scrap the idea thinking that we are talking about depilation creams, it’s all about long term results. You might have come across different kinds of creams which can potentially burn hair and remove them almost instantly, but these new crop of creams can actually inhibit growth too.

They actually come in form of a system where the first one depilates while other one is meant to be applied later. Such permanent hair removal products also moisturise skin after depilation and penetrate into the skin to work like inhibition sprays.

Just like the sprays, these systems also work quite slowly and might need some months for any considerable results. However, hair growth will be finer and lighter during the consecutive usage. Here also we recommend you to compare the products and have a look at their features to make better choices.

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