What Is The Meaning Of A Yin Yang Tattoo

By | June 7, 2015

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The yin yang tattoo can represent anything that is opposite in the universe. For example, the yin yang represents day and night, light and dark, male and female, or up and down.

Ideas for Yin Yang Tattoos. Ideas for Yin Yang tattoos are plentiful and splendid. First you can go with the traditional black and white circle with the corresponding dots.

Yin Yang Tattoos, Great Collection of Yin Yang Tattoo Designs, Ideas, Pictures, meaning, flash, downloads and more! Home; All Tattoo Categories; Latest Tattoo Designs; Popular Tattoo Designs; Yin Yang Tattoo Designs There are 16 Yin Yang tattoo design pictures in this category. Enjoy!

Yin Yang Tattoo Symbolism The meaning of the characters for yin and yang, has more than just one connotation. Basically interpreted, yang means "sunny", so it corresponds to the day and more active functions. Whereas yin,

Many people like to use Yin Yang Tattoo Designs because they can find deep meaning in using it. Indeed, this is popular tattoo that mostly used by Chinese people.

Yin Yang tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent. Another entity which is extraordinary with respect to Yin and Yang, is one could not live without the other. tattoo picture, Yin Yang Tattoos. No responses yet. Comments are closed at this time. Trackback URI |

The yin yang tattoo could be enclosed in the sun. The boundary of the sun could form the sum total while the division inside could be made to represent the Chinese symbol perfectly. Here, the sun would act as a protector and a balance keeper. 8.

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs. Yin Yang tattoos are famous to many ink fans because of their simplicity and numerous symbolic meanings. The theme of Yin and Yang, also known as Taijitu, is common in Asian countries, especially in places where Taoism is the major religion.

Yin Yang Tattoo designs express the balance, harmony, Many tattoos play with variations on this basic design adding more meaning and significance. You can see tattoo designs that combine the Yin Yang motif with animal figures,

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