What Is Watercolor Tattoo

By | June 3, 2015

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Some of the most inventive and creative tattoos being done these days are inspired by watercolor paintings. Many of the tattoos included in this gallery look as if they were just done on a canvas, it’s hard to believe that these are actually tattoos.

To determine the longevity and try and forecast how long will watercolor tattoos last will last a comparison to traditional tattooing techniques becomes helpful

If you're looking for watercolor tattoos you've come to the right place. We list only the best watercolor tattoo artists in the U.S.

DIY 39 People With Watercolor Paintings Tattooed To Their Bodies. In case you were considering a watercolor tattoo, in all its vibrant, dripping glory.

Whether you’re for or against the idea of getting a tattoo, you’ll be able to appreciate the masterful artistry that went into creating these beautiful, unique and permanent pieces of body art.

Welcome! Thanks for taking time to visit my website. As an artist I have developed a pretty cool watercolor tattoo technique that I really enjoy doing.

Who has the best watercolor tattoo technique? Who can bring canvas paintings to life on your skin? If you are considering a new tattoo in a watercolor style, you should spend a lot of time researching the artist.

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Incredible Watercolour Tattoos by Klaim Tattoo is a great way to express oneself. There are plenty of tattoo ideas with meanings for you to get a tattoo.

Watercolor tattoo art by artist Joel Wright – custom watercolor tattoo designer turns your tattoo idea into a watercolor painting.

See top 19 Watercolor tattoos including: watercolor tattoo design flower, watercolor tattoo design bicycle, watercolor tattoo design pansy flower, watercolor tattoo design koi fish yin yang, watercolor tattoo design heart, watercolor tattoo design explosion, watercolor tattoo design watercolor

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Ondrash is a tattoo artist form the Czech republic who has a unique tattoo style. Using the vibrating needle of a tattoo machine, Ondrash carefully creates tattoos that mimic watercolor paintings, complete with splash marks, dripped ink and brush lines.

Justin Nordine is a Colorado based watercolor tattoo artist and fine artist that specializes in abstract based landscapes, cityscapes and illustrations. Justin owns and operates, The Raw Canvas Custom Tattoo Studio and Working Artist Gallery which a host to 20 other local artist in the grand valley.

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