What is with the Tattoos?

By | January 2, 2014

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Tatoos are just not for me. I think tattoos are ugly. They remind me of a child that has drawn on its body with magic markers. I know that this is a generation kind of thing. When I was a girl and a teenager, tattoos were something that biker guys and sailors had.

I didn’t know any women with tattoos when I was a young person. Now everyone has them. I personally think a person has a right to do tattoos if he wants. I just don’t get it. I especially don’t understand women getting tattoos. Young women with beautiful skin are trashing that beauty with these ugly drawings.

Young people do strange things: blue hair, strange and ugly hair cuts, forty-five ear rings in one ear, ring in the nose, studs in the eyebrows and lip and tongue. I don’t understand why anyone would do this except young people seem to do bold things. I don’t care. Hair doesn’t stay blue. Funny cuts grow out when the person outgrows that time in his or her life. The holes in strange places for ear rings and studs grow back when the young man or woman is ready for a real job and a real life.

Tattoos, on the other hand, never go away. They are there in all their ugliness for life. Forever. I have heard of young women getting little flowers or fairies tattooed on their butts. I know that they are not thinking of the future. I can see how a young woman may think that pretty little red rose right on her butt is cute now, but you know that butt is going to sag and so will that rose. Can you just hear some child some day asking, “Grandma, why do you have that flower on the back of your leg?” I just can imagine Grandma trying to explain that the flower wasn’t always on her leg.

I have had a couple of customers come into my store with shocking tattoos which I fear may be the new trend. One had dog paw prints tattooed on her breasts. She was a well endowed twenty year old and made sure that her shirt was low enough so that everyone could see those little prints. Another young woman who was also well endowed and young had a butterfly tattooed on her breasts. The body of the butterfly was between the breasts with the anentenia emerging from cleavage and the wings were on the breasts themselves. She wore a shirt low enough to make sure that my co workers and I could see that the butterfly appeared to flap them there wings on occasion. We didn’t laugh until she left. She’s young. She wants to shock the old people.

But later, I couldn’t help but think of the future. I know those tiny dog paw prints won’t be that way always. When this now young woman is fifty or sixty those prints will look like they belong to a giant jackalope. They are going to get bigger and longer. The butterfly? Well, it’s wings are going to separate from its body. Why do people do this?

Bless their hearts, old men with tattoos look like old men with tattoos. Old women with tattoos are going to look clownish and sluty.

I wish there were a solution. I wish there were a way that a person, especially young women, could get whatever outrageous tattoo they want today knowing that it will disappear in a year or two or fade and disappear in three or four months. That way the young person can have his fling with adventure. He or she could have outrageous tattoos and bad ugly hair cuts and blue hair with purple highlights for a year or two. One day when they want to get real jobs and spouses and children, they can get rid of all that. Not so with the tatoos. Those young ladies are going to have to deal with those paw prints or that butterfly.

Don’t try to tell me that isn’t going to happen. The only thing that will keep certain things from sagging is early death. Even a boat load of money and a good surgeon can’t cure all of it. These things are going to look very bad someday.

I am telling you that the time is coming where the nursing homes are going to house some of the ugliest people in the world.

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