What Tattoo Removal to Choose?

By | December 28, 2013

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How many decisions have you made and regretted later? Some consequences of your decisions are easy to amend while others have available solutions to rectify the wrong decision. If you choose a red paint for your wall and realize later on that it does not look pleasant, it is fine. You can repaint it with another color and it will not cost you much. However, it is entirely different if you regret the tattoo embedded on your body. If you want to remove it now, do you know what tattoo removals to choose?

There are numerous options and they stretch from painful to extremely painful processes or from relatively costly to overly expensive ones. The choice is yours. However, the pain is inevitable regardless of the procedure.

Here are the options you can choose to remove tattoos.

Laser removal is the most expensive in the market today. The cost varies depending on the size of the tattoo and the treatment can range from one to ten sessions in which the average cost for each session is between $250 – $850.

The newest method is Intense Pulse Light Therapy or IPL for short. It is less expensive and painful compared to laser removal. The process is believed to be safer and easier.

There is also available cream removal however the effect takes time. It can take four to six months before you can see the result. Though inexpensive compared to the laser procedures, the result of this method is not guaranteed.

Whatever tattoo removals you will choose, it is imperative to understand its complications, risks and possible side effects.

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