What type of things do females get put into a Tattoo Sleeve?

By | December 24, 2013

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I have seen dragon ones, but I think a dragon tattoo is ugly. What other types of things do females get put INTO a Tattoo Sleeve? Cute Girly things.

The first thing with a sleeve is pick a theme like love, music, theater. What ever suits you.

Then pick the elements. For example in a music sleeve, you would pick your favorite lyrics, musical notes, composers, musicians, instruments etc.

Then a background such as your favorite pattern, such as lace or basic black or circles or swirls.

Then decided on an open or closed sleeve: This means do you want it completely colored in, this gives the sleeve more power or open with skin showing, this gives a more light and airy feel.

Then find a good female custom artist. They can make any of the above elements look and feel female and sexy. If you need some recommendations feel free to email me.

Lastly if you want it perfect, a sleeve should always end just slightly on the top of the hand, like an opera sleeve. This gives it a perfect ending.

Good Luck! If done right, a full sleeve can look devastating on a woman.

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