Where to Find Free Printable Tattoos Online

By | January 3, 2014

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When it comes time to look for a tattoo you have to realize that once you get inked, that tattoo is on you for the rest of your life, unless you get it removed. So many people rush to get a tattoo and then later on regret it. When I was deciding on my first tattoo I took my time and looked at pictures of tattoos online. This way I just wasn’t picking a tattoo right off the wall. When you choose a tattoo right off the tattoo shops wall you know darn well someone else somewhere is showing off the exact same one. Be original, if you like a picture of a tattoo on the wall change it around to make it your own.

My one tattoo I have on my ankle was actually picked from a website online. Being an artist myself I examined the tattoo, printed it out, and thought of how I can change it so that no one else will have the same one. The tattoo was a Red rose with one feather coming down from the stem of the rose. I totally changed the entire tattoo by making the rose a Yellow-Orange color, added more feathers, and then added a chain of beads with feathers to wrap around my ankle. This made the tattoo of mine very original and gave it a Cherokee Indian kind of theme to it instead of just a plain rose with a feather. Where can you find free printable tattoo designs online?

There are quite a few websites online that offer free printable tattoo designs and pictures, but to me only 3 or 4 websites really have top notch tattoo designs that I feel are worth checking out. I must tell you though the 3 I think that carry the best tattoo printable are not actually free. So I will give 3 websites that carry free printable tattoos and pictures plus 3 websites that you have to pay for membership.

Tattootype.com- This free tattoo website is totally awesome. Not only can you find a tattoo you can also comment on other people’s tattoos, upload your own tattoos and allow others to rate them, and be part of the tattoo community. Being part of the tattoo community will help you answer any questions you have regarding your first tattoo, place to put tattoo, or how to care for your new tattoo. This site is totally free, fun, and very educational for people considering a tattoo. At the bottom of this website you will see 9 different links. Each link will give you different info regarding tattoos. You can choose from small tattoos, girly tattoos, tribal tattoo designs, common star tattoos, meanings of certain tattoos and so much more.

WordPress.com- Here you will find a cool blog all about free printable tattoos and pictures. On this blog you will be able to check out and print free tribal tattoo designs, tribal butterfly designs, Celtic cross tattoo designs, and other cool tattoo graphics. Just click on the link and it will bring you to the free printable tattoo designs. Right click on your computer mouse then click on print picture.

Freetattoodesign.blogspot.com- I came across this website actually by accident, but after looking at all the free printable tattoo designs this website was really cool. On the right hand side you will 40 tattoo categories to choose from. Some of the tattoo categories may only have one or two designs to choose, while other categories you will see 35 free printable tattoos to pick from. It all depends on what you’re interested in. The tattoo categories are angel tattoos, ankle designs, chest tattoos, mythical creature tattoos, neck tattoos, dragon tattoos, back designs, girly tattoos, animal tattoos and more.

The next 3 tattoo websites has a membership fee, but they definitely have a lot to offer.

Choppertattoo.com- This website has top quality tattoo pictures. The colors are very vivid, bold, and the details are so clear. You do have to pay a membership fee. You will be able to choose from $19.95 for a 30 day membership, $24.95 for a 60 day membership, or $35.00 for a life time membership. To be honest with you go with the one time fee of $35, because a few months after you get your first tattoo you may decide you want another one. This way you can go directly to this website and start picking out your next tattoo. Your membership will allow you to check out the tattoo gallery, tattoo magazine, print out the tattoos, and even download some cool music. If you are not satisfied with the tattoo designs you may cancel at any time.

Tattoomenow.com- This site may not offer better quality looking tattoos than Choppertattoo.com, but this site does have other advantages in guiding you to a new tattoo that Chopper doesn’t. The tattoo designs are very detailed, nicely colored, and great selections to choose from. You will have over 40 categories to look through, which totals well over 3,500 tattoo designs. There are 2 membership fees. The first choice is $27 for a one year membership or $37 for lifetime membership. You will only have to pay this one time. The forum on this website is so helpful. The people will help you choose your tattoo, give you ideas, and tell you what to expect before getting your tattoo. At the same time you are meeting new friends, which could be very fun. To sign up it only takes 5 minutes of your time and 3 easy steps to follow.

Tattoofever.net- The only thing I can say about this tattoo website is totally impressive one of the best. You will find everything you need. Over 14,000 colorful tattoo designs to choose from, a tattoo guide full of questions and answers, history of tattooing, and a full 60 day guarantee. Original price to download all of this is over $200, but can be yours for only $19.99. This is a deal and a half, especially for people who love tattoos. The only software you will need for this is Winzip and Adobe.








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