Where/how to get a custom tattoo design?

By | February 26, 2014

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I am ready to get another tattoo (only my 2nd) but I want it to be custom designed. I have ideas for it, but:

1) am by no means an artist so even a rough sketch would be kind of bad, lol.

2) I want the drawing to belong to me. I want to be the only person with this tattoo as it will be extremely personal to me (but could apply to other's) and is coming from my own ideas. My worry is that if I give my ideas to an artist to draw for me, the drawing will be theirs and others could use the art in the future.

Any ideas or advice? Are there any free sites that could help me design it, then I could print it and take it to the artist?

Ha, thanks Pinky, but I LIKE tattoos. Personal choice. Don't worry, we won't force YOU to get one.

To get something really nice, you could hire an artist to do it for you. Free sites are free, and they will not guarantee that it will remain unique forever. Tattoo artists will also charge extra to have something custom.

To start off, you need to choose a tattoo artist that has amazing work in the style that you want. Get to know the artist before he/she does work on you, and check out photos of their completed work, plus portfolios.

After you choose an artist, if you haven't already before this, you can search for people to commission. Deviantart.com has millions of artists that specialize in tattoo commissions, many are affordable.

If you want something truly amazing, dont be too afraid to shell out cash for it.

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