Who can I find to do a tattoo removal by excision?

By | January 15, 2014

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The laser is not an option. My tattoo is small and almost all green and blue, it would take many many treatments for my tattoo to react if it did at all. I do not have the time or money for this. No place I have called does any other forms of tattoo removal besides laser. Would a regular surgon do an excision? How could I find someone that does? I am not concerned by the scarring and I honestly think it would be the best method for me.

i am doing the same thing. i have emailed a few of the cosmetic surgeons in my area and have settled on one and booked a consultation. i needed a referral from my gp to see the specialist doctor and please be aware these ARE specialists and sometimes book months in advance. my consultation is not until september and you also need to be prepared for the price of the initial consultation which is usually quite high. a tattoo removal will be costly (although excision and dermabrasion are not as costly as laser) and the cost is not usually covered by health cover. hope this helps, and good luck.

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