who is the best Traditional Polynesian Tattoo artist?

By | February 7, 2014

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i have no clue who is the best traditional polynesian artist in Hawaii? i really want to get it in hawaii just to get the whole experience of it. my two favorite styles of art is polynesian and aztec design. i'm almost finished with my aztec design that are on my back and legs of my body and want to get the rest polynesian on my arms, legs and stomach/back. i'm really into the whole body tattooing with blacks/grays. i'm getting my aztec designs done by Mark mohony, but who is a really good Traditional Polynesian artist in Hawaii? plz help with any information or fun facts?

not sure what hawaiian island your staying but there are plenty tattooist in the islands and if your want traditional tribal tattoo you should check out the artist's collection online search then talk with the artist and tell him what is important to you and then let that artist draw a sketch of a design that he dreams up just for you, one of a kind, combination of numerous tattoos that looks right to you .

it's wonderful to let the great artist perform what they do best, being creative and you wont be disappointed

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